#Accounting #Audit is Done, But How about #Strategy #Audit?

Strategy Audit :

What is a Strategy Audit?

This is something new you must be hearing, but understand we conduct audits of accounts wherein Accounting typically is a process of assessing the transaction of the decision which we have taken over the year,

but strategy defining is the process that drives all the decisions, isn’t it.?

The Strategy Audit is a systematic way to analyze the firm’s strategy,

Step -1

It is a step-by-step process to identify the external factors which are impacting every organization in your industry.

By understanding the industry, we identify Your Positioning in your industry.

Step- 2

We assess the consumer’s willingness to pay, what drives the consumer to get associated with your brand,

Are your product and services better or cheaper? Which segment do you want to cater to?

Mainly we do integration of Market – Customer & Product, Services, Distribution Channel Etc.

We identify your Existing strategy and understand your strategic initiative.

Step -3 is to analyze your resource, process, and profit formula.

Do our existing resources are matching with the strategy that we want to pursue? If not, do we have enough resources to acquire that resources?



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